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QualiSoft is a company specialized in the development of systems and products for the safe processing of electronic transactions. It has the most complete and modern family of products for automating electronic service channels, digital certification, solutions for leasing companies and transactional and security infrastructure.

Working in an increasingly more demanding and competitive market, where having technological and tool-based prominence is not sufficient, QualiSoft stands out due to its complete understanding of its clients' business, transforming ideas and technology into business solutions that translate into gains in quality, productivity, security and market for them.

Founded in 1994, QualiSoft quickly positioned itself in the market and today it is recognized for the quality and innovation of its products and services.

  • To Assure our customers high quality and innovated software products and services by means of the latest technology and a warm, active and efficient assistance;
  • To value the human resources, promoting and developing its professional and managerial abilities endowing them with qualification for taking decisions;
  • To guarantee to the investors and stockholders their investments' optimal return, offering profitable products and services effectively and satisfyingly;
  • To keep trustworthy and transparent relations with the society, respect to laws and institutions, and a incessant commitment with the development of the country.

We want QualiSoft to be strong, successful, competitive, guided to attract and guarantee the client's faithfulness, working in the continuous search of the excellency. Our products and services must be innovative, global and be integrated, surpassing continuously our customers' actual and future expectations and needs. Leading the habits and social behavior transformation process must be one of our goals.

Leading the market and hold an outstanding position in the national scenario. Be agile, flexible, aggressive and profitable. Assist our clients distinguishably and professionally. Be a pioneer in technology conquering every time more confidence and credibility. Maintain a rational and horizontal structure, decentralized and neat, always looking for efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness.

Build strategic partnerships with stockholders, customers, collaborators and suppliers. Practice the sharing management, seeking continuously economic value and the organization's sustained success.

Become a humanized company shaped by enthusiastic, competent, motivated, active, valued and compromising collaborators. To offer informal surroundings for work, stimulating and compensatory, making possible talent development and personal and professional achievements;

We want QualiSoft shaped by daring and happy people, making up synergic teams, proud for adding value and contribute in a significant way for the development of the society, coming true our vision of the future.

To fulfill our Mission and make real our Vision of Future our behavior must be supported on the practice of the following Principles and Values:


To work with integrity, professionalism and transparency, basing our actions in the honesty, the respect to the policies and processes defined by the company and regulated by the law and the society


To attract and maintain in our staff creative and talented people and teams, stimulating entrepreneur capacities, leading the use of the latest technologies and anticipating the launching of new products and services.


Continuously offering high quality assistance, products and services to surpass present and future customers' needs, persistently seeking the excellency.

Sharing Management

To operate in a planned and integrated way, promoting the compromise and stimulating the participation of the people in the enterprise business management. To make decision processes become faster and better


To develop in people and teams a systematic vision stimulating the synergy and joint work. To share responsibilities to attain aims and common objectives.


To create a favorable environment for the development of credibility as the fundamental element in every link.


To stimulate the constant development of our employees, practicing justice, building and maintaining dignifying, loyal and respectful relations with our customers, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers and the market.

Social Responsibility

Contribute for full exercise of the citizenship and the improvement of life quality in the community

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