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Transacional Framework (GlobalBanking®QualiSoft)

Multi-channel Transactional Framework for Processing Financial Transactions

GlobalBanking® QualiSoft is the most modern, complete and secure transactional, multilayer and multi-channel infrastructure for processing financial and banking transactions.

GlobalBanking® QualiSoft is based on a totally open and standard market infrastructure that incorporates all of the technological and business infrastructure necessary to process bank transactions regardless of the service channel, keeping balances and statements updated, consolidating client positions, managing future statements (schedulings), transaction limits per service channel, cut-off times for products or transactions, as well as the capacity for 24x7 processing.

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Branch Automation and Correspondent Banking System

QualiTC is a banking automation system that has the objective of automating all transactions carried out in a bank branch through Tellers, Backoffice and ATMs, encompassing Current Accounts, Investment Accounts, Savings Accounts, Collections, Payments and other bank products and services.

QualiTC was developed with the objective of serving from small institutions to large corporations. It can be run on a stand alone workstation (teller), in a local network environment or be integrated with central systems based on mainframes or corporate servers.

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